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My philosophy as a private chef is to offer unique and personalized culinary experiences to my clients. As a private chef in Mallorca, I create tailor-made menus, completely personalized according to the tastes and desires of each client.

I want all guests to be able to enjoy my passion for good cuisine through the sublime and exquisite flavors. I want to feed all the senses, to turn each event into an experience, and be able to share said experience with them.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a small wedding, whether it’s a business lunch or a yoga retreat, clients will enjoy an unforgettable menu… where customization will be an essential part of it.

You can also count on me as a personal Chef for long periods of time, to enjoy a varying, supple menu, tailored to your daily desires.

As a private chef in Mallorca, my menus are always based on fresh, seasonal, and top-quality ingredients. These would come from both local producers and stores, as well as exclusive establishments and specialized stores.

Additionally, when crafting each menu, we work with our clients to take into account the characteristics of each guest. Whether it’s allergies, food intolerances or special requests, flexibility is a crucial part of my services. Flexibility and versatility are both two of the most important aspects of my services as a private chef.

I especially enjoy building a close relationship with my clients. I like to understand them through high quality service marked by exclusivity and professionalism. This way, I am able to make each unique experience (perfectly customized) a reality in an environment where smiles are always present.

To achieve all this, I have a selection of menus available to my clients. Among the most requested of these, we have:

I can offer a big variety of menus:

  • Buffet Breakfast and Brunch Menu
  • Three course Menu
  • Paella Menu
  • BBQ and Buffet Menu
  • Spanish and Mediterranean Tapas Menu
  • Family Menu (dishes placed in the middle of the table for all to share)
  • Thematic Menu (for example: Italian Menu, Asian Menu,…)
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Menu (for Yoga and Meditation retreats)

These are just some examples of my diverse selection, please so do not hesitate to contact me about any other menu proposals you might like to have. Whether it’s an event or a celebration, I’ll make sure you have the best personalized service.

Additional services:

Wine delivery:

Choose your favorite wines and we’ll buy them for you to accompany your meals and reserved services.

Assistance in creating weekly menus:

As a private chef in Mallorca, I would also help/advise you in the preparation of a simple and easy-to-prepare weekly menu, so that you can do it daily in the comfort of your home.

If some ingredients in the menu’s dishes require prior preparation (filleting fish, deboning chicken, vacuum-sealing individual portions, etc.), we can also take care of this to make the preparation easier.

Home delivery menus:

I will prepare the meals on the menu in advance and bring them to your home. All you’ll have to do is heat them up and put the finishing touches.

Grocery shopping:

I will take care of purchasing all the ingredients you need to ensure that you’ll have fresher and better quality products. Understanding your area is essential to know where to buy each product.

Restaurant Consulting:

I will work jointly with your restaurant to improve profitability and reduce primary costs, as well as help in developing strategies to increase income. I would also advise on the current menus to assess if they need to be modified. If they do, I would suggest new dishes to update the menus with.

Menu with appetizer and 4 courses served:


  • Grilled vegetables (eggplant, red pepper and yellow pepper) with Mirin, Chinese vinegar and toasted pine nuts
  • Traditional mini caprese skewers with basil oil
  • Ricotta and mortadella mousse with toasted pistachios on crunchy focaccia
  • Red tuna tartare on sesame cones with with freshly made guacamole and Thai vinaigrette
  • Toasted blinis with smoked salmon and homemade lime crème fraiche


  • First course 
    Marinated Soller prawns carpaccio with lamb lettuce, thinly sliced fennel, homemade lime mayo and pink pepper 
  • Second course 
    Poached cod on green peas sauce, fresh ginger, lemon and crunchy guanciale
  • Third course
    Galician baby beef filet with smoked celeriac puree, sauteéd artichokes ragout, sun dried tomatoes and walnuts
  • Fourth course
    Passionfruit and goats yogurt cremotto with mango compote, almond dust and fresh mint
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