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Just as both my mother and grandmother inspired me to do through their delicious cuisine, my goal is that every customer enjoys the best dishes (culinary creations) with each of their senses. It is for this reason that, at the age of 14, I decided to start my career near Naples and the Amalfi Coast, and worked my way up until I could delight palates as a Private Chef in Mallorca.

Francesco Chef in Mallorca

When I graduated from my hometown’s highschool specialized in hospitality, I knew I had to travel the world to start my proper career as a chef. I wanted to nourish my mind with new flavors, aromas, sensations, and more… and then assemble them on a table with my personal brand.

By the time I was 18, my first stop was in Torrevieja, Spain. There, I started working during the summer at an Italian restaurant.

Then came London, where I was lucky to have great work and life experiences for three exciting years. I worked in renowned establishments such as the Japanese Michelin-starred restaurant, Nobu, and in prestigious private clubs such as the George Club and Harry’s Bar.

It was right in cosmopolitan London where I also began my journey as a private chef, where I crafted my culinary creations in the home of an Arabian prince.

The enormous and diverse country of Russia was my next destination. I left for Vladivostok, where I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the 18 members of the kitchen of a 4-star hotel. There, I taught them all about traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Searching for a warmer climate, I decided to move to Australia for five years. In Melbourne, I worked as a head chef at a fine restaurant. On Magnetic Island, a tropical island off Queensland, I also worked as a sous chef at a restaurant-pizzeria.

When I felt Europe calling me home, I opted for the beautiful island of Mallorca. Upon my arrival in 2014, I worked as a sous chef at Fosh Catering.

By the time 2017 came around the corner, I decided that the time had come to share my personal culinary vision as a private chef in Mallorca.

So, can I confirm that my passion for cooking is still as bright as it used to be? Well, after a 20-year journey of learning and international experiences with renowned chefs and in famous restaurants, I can honestly say that my passion has only grown since I started.

My desire is for my passion for cooking to be felt in every dish, each flavor, down to the last-minute details for my clients to enjoy.

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